Orange County - Food Allergies Support Group

Meetings: : Third Tuesday, Every Odd Numbered Month

  Contact: : [email protected]

Supporting Parents of Children with Food Allergies

Emotional Support for Food Allergies

When your kids have food allergies, we understand that this can be emotionally draining on a family. You need a place where you can share your experiences with other parents that have walked in your shoes. Our group understands your situation and we are here to help listen to your food allergy stories. In the past, we have had an Orange County Child Psychologist visit our group to share her insight and coping mechanisms on the topics of fear and anxiety with kids with food allergies.

Managing Food Allergies

When it comes to food allergies, you definitely can learn how to cope through experience. However, we have found the best way is to learn from the experiences of other parents that have gone through similar situations. How to manage food allergies on a vacation? How to manage food allergies in your school? Should you pursue a 504 plan? What should I know about an OIT program? The list is endless and we are here to support you.

Resources and Tools

The good news is that with food allergies the about of information available to parents is better than ever. There are new tests and procedures, there are countless websites, blogs and Facebook groups devoted to Food Allergies, there is more information now than ever. But there are also the practical tools that are useful is your daily food allergy strategies. What should I do with my food allergies if I am traveling to Disneyland? How should I go about developing a 504 Plan for Food Allergies?

Part of Saddleback Church, Open to All

The Orange County Saddleback Church Parents of Children with Food Allergies is a part of the Saddleback Church CARE ministry as an outreach to the local community. The goal is to demonstrate Christian values and a belief in Jesus outward to the community through a caring heart. Our group is open to all parents with children with food allergies and we do not turn anyone away. We are a place where the hurting, helpless, and hopeless can find help through our support group ministry.

What is your main reason for attending a food allergy support group?

As parents of kids with food allergies, we can all agree that support with other families that understand our situation is so important to our success.

  • To learn new information from talking with other food allergy parents. Meeting other parents is great!!

  • Support from other allergy families, learn new ways to handle different situations related to allergies.

  • To connect with other food allergy families in Orange County.

  • I love coming and learning from other parents. I like being able to share fears that are not easily understood by others not affected by food allergies. I also like helping others who are struggling and perhaps newly diagnosed. I think the practical advice received has been invaluable.

  • Food Allergies can leave you feeling helpless, alone and pretty desperate. I joined the group to search for support and advice from other parents that were going through similar issues.

  • I'm a new allergy mom and looking for support and guidance and peopele to talk to.

  • To get ideas and information on better handling child's food allergies.

  • Learning new helpful food allergy information, hearing from others who are going through similar struggles in life.

  • To hear and share experiences with others who are dealing with the same food allergy struggles.

Recent Orange County Food Allergy News

In addition to the top food allergies (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans), there are many more food allergies that can exist. Please check our recent news section to hear more about upcoming Orange County Food Allergy news and events.

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